“Like many evangelicals who love the Gospel, I had my doubts.”

Lent can often seem like an empty ritual. But what Aaron Damiani came to find, and what he describes inside, is something else entirely. Something exceedingly good.


In The Good of Giving Up, Aaron explains the season of Lent, defends it theologically, and guides you in its practice. In addition to its history and purpose, you’ll also learn:

  • How to observe Lent with proper motivation
  • How Lent can reform your habits and convictions
  • How to lead others through Lent, whether in the home or church

Lent has been described as a “springtime for the soul,” a season of clearing to make room for growth. The Good of Giving Up will show you why, encouraging you to participate in what many know as a rich spiritual journey.

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For those who are interested in Lent but don’t know where to begin, Aaron Damiani’s book is the perfect introduction. With biblical expertise and a pastor’s heart, Damiani invites modern Christians who are skeptical of Lent into its true meaning: deeper union with Jesus Himself.
Professor of Historical Theology, Moody Bible Institute, and author of After Acts
This book will help Christians who are just discovering the practice of observing Lent or who need fresh inspiration regarding how to make their observation more meaningful. It is insightful, practical, and grounded in a wise understanding of our historic Christian faith.  It will encourage you to discover how good giving up can be!
Founder, Transforming Center, and author of Sacred Rhythms and Life Together in Christ
Aaron has done the church a great service by taking Lent, something many think is only for the “those other churches” or the super spiritual, and showing us why it is important for every follower of Jesus. His clear explanations and practical tips remove the confusion from this topic and make it possible for everyone to understand and practice Lent. I can’t wait to recommend Aaron’s book to our church!
Lead Pastor, Park Community Church, Chicago
Our deepest hunger is for bread that only Christ can provide. Anyone who knows this cherishes practices that reorder our desires and direct our longing toward Christ. Aaron has given us a clear and compelling way of entering into Lent as a life-giving spiritual practice. Pastoral, conversational, and practical, this book is a marvelous invitation to journey with Jesus through death and resurrection.
Lead Pastor, New Life Downtown and author of Discover the Muster of Faith

Meet the Author

AARON DAMIANI is the lead pastor of Immanuel Anglican Church, in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Damiani has degrees from Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton College and writes regularly for Leadership Journal and Preaching Today. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Laura, and their four children.


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“Lent is About Jesus”

-aaron damiani


Available Everywhere!